Paula Gilmour | Founder | CPD for Me | CPD-LIVE | MidCoast Digital

Paula Gilmour“With over 20 years of insights, I have proven & practical business development initiatives and have consistently grown million dollar practices within firms. I can market on a shoestring budget and help lawyers understand how to develop & build right fit business relationships to grow & maintain sustainable outcomes”.

Paula Gilmour is the founder of CPD for Me and Director at Sales Strategy and has assisted hundreds of firms since 2002. Paula extensive experience in developing & implementing effective, creative client focused solutions for sole practitioners, boutique and mid-tier law firms and also other professional service firms to grow their practice. Paula’s work at Swaab Attorneys, Pitcher Partners, Makinson & d’apice and Curwoods Lawyers is testament to her abilities and has grown each firm and consistently increased their return on investment & raised awareness of their products, services & brands.  Paula is straight to the point, does not waste time and understands the ability to ensure achieving long-term growth. Paula takes responsibility for getting things done, full of innovative ideas and ensures our CPD / CLE sessions are relevant, practical and filled with many easy to take aways so you can implement strategies to resolve problems, find solutions and accomplish outstanding results.

Bronwyn Pott | Advisor

Bronwyn Pott“I understand what firms need and what they value. Tailoring our offering to meet a need is the first step. Having a platform that allows us to provide real assistance to a sector of the profession that is hungry for support makes it compelling”.

Bronwyn Pott, is an advisor and the host of CPD for Me since 2016 and CPD-LIVE 2017. Bronwyn offers strategic practical advisory to firms and provides CPD content creation. A former executive member of the Australian Legal Sector Alliance (AusLSA), which works collaboratively to promote sustainable practices across the legal sector. She was a founding member of the Australian Legal Practice Management Association (ALPMA), and was elected national president in 2007-2010.

Bronwyn Pott was CEO at Swaab Attorneys and drove the firm’s strategic planning and fostered a good work culture over 20 years which has seen Swaab become a multi award winning firm and the only law firm recognised by the international group Great Place to Work in the 2011 list of the top 50 Australian employers.

Bronwyn was instrumental in the establishment of a national qualification in Legal Practice Management and in 2010 was named inaugural ‘Industry icon’ for her contribution to legal management and brings her expertise and know how to assist smaller firms thrive and prosper.

“CPD can involve a significant overhead for Firms if it’s not managed well, and as the pressure for production increases the temptation is often to cut costs on training (from a time as well as a cost perspective). An online learning platform is an ideal way to reduce costs (both from a provider and a user perspective), and the growth in the client base of CPD for Me would indicate that we are hitting the right spot”.

Wendy Clarke | IT & Technical Support | CPD for Me

Wendy is a passionate sharer of knowledge, with over 30 years computer and training experience to draw on. Wendy began using computers in the early 80’s, wheWendy Clarken DOS ruled and data was stored on audio cassettes. She quickly evolved from user to programmer to trainer. Wendy has trained in the vocational sector and presented at state and national VET conferences on the topic of e-learning and assessment. Wendy has been the subject of a national case study for her use of video as evidence for vocational assessment.

These days Wendy has evolved to being proficient in desktop, tablet and smart phones and does not shy away from assisting CPD for Me clients on how to watch an on-demand session and participate in a webinar. Wendy now enjoys working in the private sector, sharing her knowledge, assisting business owners to organise their IT systems, maximise efficiency with software and is the “go to girl” for designing Word templates, style guides, precedent documents, Excel templates, professional PowerPoint presentations for reception and speaking engagements.

Any IT question in relation to using CPD for Me, please email or call 1300 273 463.



There are thousands of mandatory continued learning options for lawyers. So why should you come to us?
There are many reasons, but here are just four……

Our Commitment: CPD for Me is the smart and cost-effective alternative for solo and smaller teams in firms as our on demand seminars, legal updates and live webinars are specifically tailored for your unique needs. CPD for Me is committed to providing a variety of industry experts, updating content on a regular basis and allowing lawyers to pick and choose relevant CPD.

Our People: To get the best possible for you, we have assembled the best team and work with industry experts with proven results, experience and the unique ability to share their knowledge in a practical, simple and concise way.

Our Approach:
Our mission is to provide relevant legal updates and practical CPD options for solo and smaller law firms by providing access to experts and practical tools to assist Principal’s to run their practice more efficiently and gain insights into how the mid and large tier firms are building and maintaining million dollar practices.

Our Services: We specialise in assisting busy lawyers by providing a simple and easy online eLearning platform for lawyers to obtain and track their mandatory CLE / CPD points/units including the three compulsory subjects direct from office, couch, train, listen in the car or even poolside, anytime, anywhere and any device.

If you have a suggestion, we welcome your direct feedback and do not hesitate to call Paula who loves to chat on 0425 275 207.