Lawyer CPD Requirements – Western Australia


Our sessions are prepared in accordance with the CLE/CPD schemes including Mandatory categories:

  • Practice Management and Business Skills
  • Professional Skills
  • Ethics and Professional Responsibility
  • Substantive Law

Our presenters are barristers and counsel, accredited specialists and industry experts.

If particular educational activities are relevant to your immediate or long term needs in relation to your professional development and practice of the law, then you should claim one “unit” for each hour of online viewing, listening, and private study completing templates, forms, workbooks, handouts or attendance at our online events.

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Lawyers Compliance

The Legal Profession Uniform Law Application Act 2014 (NSW) commenced on 1 July 2015 and replaced the current Legal Profession Act 2004 (NSW) regulatory regime.

The following information is a summary only, of the Western Australia CPD Compliance requirements, providing a guide to the requirements relevant to content provided by CPD for Me. It is essential that you consult your relevant Law Society to ensure your CPD Compliance requirements are met.

The following summary is based on information available on the Legal Practice Board of Western Australia’s website on 25 February 2019. 

ACTIVITY (Rule 13) CPD UNITS (Rule13.1) LIMITS (Rule 13.2)
Interactive activity includes attending or participating in CPD-LIVE webinars, presenting and participating in interactive electronic activities. 1 hour = 1 CPD unit Unlimited units per CPD year

Maximum 6 units per activity

Non-Interactive Activity includes completing non-interactive electronic activities. Some examples of non-interactive electronic activities include CPD for Me recorded webinars with no interaction or quiz.

1 point for each complete 60 minutes to a
maximum of 4 points for a conference,
course or other event comprising one or
more approved CPD activities

CPD points cannot be earned by completing an electronic
activity, whether interactive or not, unless the material for the
activity —
(a) was prepared in the period of 12 months before
completion of the electronic activity; or
(b) has been reviewed and, if necessary, updated in that

1 hour = 1 CPD unit Maximum 4 units per CPD year
Preparing and/or presenting of written or oral material used in a CPD activity or other form of professional educational activity > Speak for Us 1 hour = 3 CPD unit
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Legal Practice Board of Western Australia – CPD Requirements and Guidelines
CPD requirements and guidelines