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Andrew helps lawyers build profitable, scalable, saleable legal practices – no…businesses. His signature program ‘Boardroom’ and other training offerings are all focused on equipping the ‘lawyerpreneur’ as they navigate the increasing challenges of operating a legal services business in a highly competitive, disrupted market.

Though trained as an accountant, his real passion is marketing. He contends the future of any firm operating in the legal industry is entirely dependent on their ability to capture and maintain the attention and trust of their audience. Without that the business has no real future.

His ‘Boardroom’ program provides a structured learning and development pathway for lawyers who desire to build the firms of the future. It is the complete practice growth program.

Andrew spent more than 20 years working in commerce, across a range of industries where he learnt what it takes to build a successful business. He spent more than 10 years operating at senior executive level as a CFO in a multi-million dollar enterprise before launching his own consultancy practice.

He holds a Masters of Commerce and is a fully qualified accountant.