Caroline Maxwell | Maxwell Marketing Group

Caroline (Caro) Maxwell is a corporate writer based out of Sydney Australia. She writes leadership profiles and biographies as well as feature and news articles regularly in the finance, building, hospitality and leisure industries.

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Julian Siggins | Victorian Bar

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Sally Whiteman | Barrister

Sally’s  Ipso Facto Reforms recorded webinar will be available in April
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Sally Whiteman’s principal practice areas are commercial, consumer, employment, regulatory and criminal law.


Sally maintains a broad civil and commercial litigation practice by which she has particular experience in matters concerning:

joint ventures and partnerships
contract disputes
guarantees and indemnities

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James Short | GoalsTribe

James’s Goal Mastery Now recorded webinar will be available late March
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James Short assists small- to medium-sized businesses in managing their most valuable asset – people. His coaching and training programs help business owners develop clear lines of communication with their staff, create a strong, cohesive team and increase efficiency, productivity and goals achievement […]

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Julian Rockett | Karma lawyers

Attend Julian’s webinar Listing Rule Changes – Some Key Changes to the ASX Listing Rules on the 28th March 2019
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Julian’s ASX Listing Rule 3.1 – Materiality: the things that matter recorded webinar will be available late March
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Julian Rockett […]

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Peter Spence | Strategic Planning & Negotiation Services

Attend Peter’s webinar Change Management on the 25th March 2019
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Peter’s Negotiation Skills in 2019 recorded webinar will be available late March
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Peter Spence is the founding principal of SPANS and the organisation’s lead negotiation consultant, specialist agent, coach […]

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John Campbell | Mediation Matters

John Campbell, has for more than a decade, practiced in Dispute Resolution as a Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Queensland and of the High Court of Australia. He has represented clients in simple disputes, right through to large and complicated multi-party disputes involving millions of dollars or delicate political issues. He has represented individual, […]

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Justin Rickard | Australian Immigration Lawyers

Justin’s 2019 Immigration Law Update recorded webinar will be available late March
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Justin Rickard, attorney, law teacher & registered migration agent, has been a successful attorney for over 28 years, an Australian government registered migration agent for over 18 years and is the founder and principal of Australian Immigration Lawyers.

He is one of […]

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Karen Chaston | Kazand Investments

It All Begins With You << preview session >>

Karen ran on the corporate treadmill until the day the world came tumbling down on her head.
Surprisingly, it took her son’s death for her to become more aware, grateful, healthier, energised and live in her Essence.
Her suffering and disappointments, lead to the development of her innovative “Dream […]

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John Groarke | Mangement Consultant

Build Value to Sell   << preview session >>

Following a career at IBM, PwC, PW and Grant Thornton working-in and working-on those firms, John Groarke has enthusiastically mentored the consulting and advisory world – sole practitioners, boutiques, brand-name firms – since 2005. Known as Australia’s “Mentor to Consultants”, John helps consulting, professional advisory and services-oriented enterprises to confidently […]

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Carl Taylor | Automation Agency

Over the past 15 years, he has built and sold 3 businesses, written a #1 business book, been featured in numerous media publications like the Sydney Morning Herald, Anthill, Business Day, The Age etc…

But what he’s most proud of…

Is that for his entire adult life he has had the freedom and the flexibility that business can provide through the […]

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Michael Minter | Pitcher Partners

Law Firm Insights > Forward Thinking << preview session >>

Clients rely on Michael’s extensive experience in providing commercial business advice to organisations and the individuals behind the business.

His specialist skills in superannuation bring to clients the peace of mind that they have the right structure and financial plans in place to cater for their personal […]

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Shelley Marsh | Marsh Financial Advice

Building Your Wealth Using Margin Lending  <<preview session>>

Building Your Wealth Using An SMSF  <<preview session>>

Protecting You, Your Family and Your Business Using Insurance <<preview session>>

Shelley Marsh is the Principal and Founder of Marsh Financial Advice. She has a passion for helping her clients understand their money and to support them to make better financial […]

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Alan Stevens | Human Pattern Recognition

Coming Soon On-Demand
Instant Rapport Building

Profiling for Profit

Alan Stevens is an International Profile and Communications Specialist. He is regularly featured on National TV, Radio and in the World’s Press, profiling the likes of our leading politicians, TV and sports stars as well as Britain’s Royalty. He is an Amazon #1 Best Selling Author, a Coach and […]

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Pandelis (Peter) Tiliakos | Barrister

WATCH  NOW – Accessing Your Neighbour’s Land to Develop Your Own

Pandelis Tiliakos is a Barrister at Second Floor Wentworth Chambers.

Pandelis was called to the Bar in 2017. His practice is broad and he accepts briefs in all areas of law including Building & Construction, Commercial & Corporate, Criminal, Equity, Intellectual Property, Personal Injury and Wills & […]

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Amanda Soames | PEXA Virtual Specialist

PEXA – A Customer’s Journey <<preview session >>

Amanda is focused on training and helping businesses to build their online presence so that they can settle property transactions in the digital era.

Prior to commencing with PEXA, Amanda spent 17 years working in the in legal industry, spending eight years as a regionally based Legal Practice Manager. During that […]

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Erik Young | Barrister

WATCH NOW – 2018 Shareholder Oppression and Implications for SME’s << preview session >>
Erik Young practises primarily in the Supreme Court of NSW and Federal Court of Australia in the areas of corporate and commercial disputes, equity, property and trusts (including probate and family provisions), as well as in industrial and employment law in both Federal and State […]

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David Bryson | Resolve Advisors

WATCH NOW – Effective Meetings – Tools and Tips
David is Senior Consultant to Resolve Advisors. As an ADR consultant he specialises in consulting in the public and tertiary sectors focussing on dispute resolution capacity building and change. He is a Conciliation Officer and head of Professional Development with the Victorian Accident Compensation Conciliation Service. He acts as […]

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Heather Crichton | PEXA Direct

WATCH NOW – Conveyancing Transformed: Readying your business for electronic conveyancing.

Heather is transforming the way property is transacted in her role as PEXA Direct Team Leader (VIC) for Property Exchange Australia Ltd (PEXA).

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Paula Gilmour | CPD for Me

Online business development strategies with proven & consistent results.  With over 20 years of insightful,  proven & practical business development initiatives with hundreds of online tools, templates, and insights in her kitbag.  Paula can market on a shoestring budget and help companies & or individuals understand how to set up online tools (many free), streamline […]

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