CPD-LIVE 2020 Submissions

Sharing your insights & expertise online

We are currently seeking 10am to 11am, 1pm to 2pm and 3pm to 4pm exclusive webinars where barristers and accredited specialists provide comprehensive professional development online, in a specific area of law & discuss recent case reviews with webinar participants.

We also talk to industry experts about the latest trends, case studies, tech updates, tips & advice on productivity, workplace relations, communication, implementation programs & more.

Marketing Support

  • Webinars promoted to CPD for Me (solo and boutique firms) ENews and social media platforms
  • On-Demand CPD promoted monthly on rotation on social media platforms
  • Our experts engage offering ongoing session Q&A via CPD for Me email or webinar update which keeps your conversation going

We are a premium cpd provider and publish to over 1.2 million worldwide:

  • Banks & Corporations
  • Government
  • International law firms
  • Tier 1 law firms
  • HR departments
  • Accountants & Advisory firms

If you are interested, could you please fill in the calendar below to tell me a little bit about you, topic & learning outcomes.

I can’t wait to assist you to create your one hour of premium engaging your bespoke and CPD content, your way.

Thank you for letting me showcase your exclusive gems.

Paula Gilmour

Director – CPD for Me & MidCoast Digital