CPD-LIVE 2019 Submissions

Sharing your insights & expertise online

We are currently seeking lunchtime 1pm -2pm exclusive webinars where barristers & accredited specialists provide comprehensive professional development online, in a specific area of law & discuss recent case reviews with webinar participants.

We also talk to industry experts about the latest trends, case studies, tech updates, tips & advice on productivity, workplace relations, communication, implementation programs & more.

Marketing Support

  • Webinars promoted to CPD for Me (solo and boutique firms) ENews & social media platforms 
  • On-Demand CPD promoted monthly on rotation on social media platforms
  • Our experts engage offering ongoing session Q&A via CPD for Me email or webinar update which keeps your conversation going

We are a premium cpd provider and publish to over 1.2 million worldwide:

  • Banks & Corporations
  • Government
  • International law firms
  • Tier 1 law firms
  • HR departments
  • Accountants & Advisory firms

If you are interested, could you please complete this form to tell me a little bit about you, topic & learning outcomes.

I can’t wait to assist you to create your one hour of premium engaging CPD content, your way.

Thank you for letting me showcase your best in 2019.

Paula Gilmour

Director – CPD for Me & MidCoast Digital