CPD Requested Topics

The table below shows the topics/areas of law requested by subscribers –

Ethics – hypotheticals Administrative Law Property Law
Ethics – noteworthy cases as lessons Aviation Law International Law
Medical Negligence Maritime Law Immigration
Disability Law Traffic Law Resilience (wellbeing)
Health Law Construction Law Native Title
Human Rights Claims vs Equal Opportunity Claims Criminal Advocacy Aboriginal Heritage Law
Human Rights Criminal Law Youth Court
Equal Opportunity Probate Commercial Law
Technology based law Domestic Violence Personal Injury
Evidence & technology Family Dispute Resolution Public Liability
Intellectual Property Law Child Protection


You aren’t locked-in to just these topics/areas, but as you are aware, our webinars are recorded to become on-demand content for our subscribers.

For topics that lend themselves to a discussion style rather than a presentation style eg. Ethics and Substantive Law discussions of recent changes, current issues, case studies etc. we can use an interview style (with prepared questions and responses)