february, 2021

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11feb7:30 pm10:30 pmVirtual EventRE-RUN - Most Watched Mandatory Mix | 3 CPD Units3 unit interactive package - Practice Management, Professional Skills and Ethics7:30 pm - 10:30 pm Event Type :Zoom


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In this 2020-2021 rerun, watch LIVE Rerun RERUN – Most Watched Mandatory Mix | 3 CPD Units Practice Management, Professional Skills and Ethics package.

2020 Rerun sessions include:

  1. Navigating Difficult Issues With Peers, Staff And Clients (2020)
    • Learning Outcomes:
      • Reflect on their own needs, interests and feelings in a key relationship or situation and set conversation goals or action plans with timelines
      • Apply some opening up strategies to create the time and opportunity for constructive conversations and to set the scene and open the dialogue positively.
      • Steer a conversation toward an objective and rational stance while at the same time remaining empathetic, responsive and engaged with the perspectives of others
      • Manage difficult moments and behaviours more effectively by having some constructive techniques to redirect, neutralise
  2. Negotiation Skills (2019)
      • Learning Outcomes:
        • Study conventional approaches to negotiation and their limitations
        • Encourage participants to reflect upon the strengths and limitations of their own theory and style of negotiation
        • Introduce participants to alternative approaches to negotiation that are designed to create value, develop productive and durable business relationships
        • Highlight barriers to effective negotiation and methods of overcoming those barriers
        • Demonstrate that negotiation is a process of both claiming and creating value
        • Understanding and applying negotiation power
        • Demonstrate how participants can build the collaborative advantage to produce outcomes that will better satisfy their interests and goals
  3. Ethical Hypotheticals For Small And Boutique Firms (2019)
      • Learning Outcomes:
        •  Three members of the same family are injured in the same bathroom on three separate occasions. They go to a solicitor who sees all three at each appointment. When commencing court action, the court decides to hear the three cases together as the evidence in one would be the evidence in each (at least in terms of liability). The solicitor charges each client full fare for each appointment and each day in court.
        • A barrister receives a brief from a solicitor to advise on a complicated estate matter in which the solicitor has been instructed. The barrister accepts the brief, but becomes involved in a lengthy commercial case in the Supreme Court and doesn’t get to the advice for some months. The solicitor contacts the barrister on many occasions to find out what is happening with the advice, but receives no response. The solicitor however tells the client that the matter is well in hand, just complicated and will require time. Eventually, the client is frustrated and complains to the OLSC. The OLSC writes to the solicitor asking for a response, but the solicitor doesn’t respond for more than a month as she can’t get a response from the barrister.
        • Paul is a solicitor in a busy suburban practice which also has one junior solicitor and Jane, a paralegal. Paul likes to do all the litigation that comes into the firm, and so he gives most of the other legal work to the junior solicitor and the conveyancing to Jane. Jane is not very experienced and on one occasion she is working on a complicated transaction where a series of properties are being bought and sold. However, she feels that she could handle anything and so doesn’t let Paul know of the issues involved. It goes horribly wrong, an easement is missed on one of the properties and the transaction collapses. An action is threatened against the firm.
        • You are a barrister and a solicitor who has been in practice for many years comes to you for advice. The solicitor has been charged with possession of child pornography. The solicitor tells you that he accessed the pornography as research into a case for a client. The solicitor doesn’t want to disclose the charge to the regulatory agency as he has a prior charge for domestic assault on a minor for which he was acquitted. He didn’t disclose that charge when it happened many years ago and now is worried that he might get struck off the roll if the charges were discovered. Both charges happened outside Australia and he strongly believes that they won’t be discovered. What do you advise him?
        • You represent the mother in child care proceedings. The child was removed from the mother because of the mother’s poor mental health and suicidality. The mother’s mental health has now been stable for some time; and the mother is now pressing for the return of the children on this basis.

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