WATCH NOW – The Use and Abuse of Section 75(2) Factors

Kay started her working life as a teacher and that remains evident in her interest in Education, mentoring and her approach to her clients.

She is an experienced Family Lawyer and has assisted clients to achieve resolution through her commitment to strategic thinking. She is also a Nationally Accredited Mediator and a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner. She is also trained to work in the Collaborative model of dispute resolution.

She recognise however that some matters, need the assistance of the litigation process, but finds while some matters need to operate in the shadow of the law, not all matters do!

She is interested in Children’s matters, particularly those involving children with particular needs and the property matters she is involved with that often have elements of complexity. The complexity is associated most often with valuation issues.

She writes and presents frequently at Continuing Legal Education Seminars. She writes in the Child Support arena and has lectured on Spouse Maintenance to the QUT practice course for many years.

She has also undertaken a number of Administrative Review roles including the Migration Review Tribunal and the then SSAT