Levi Sandercoe

Levi Sandercoe

 Trainee, CPD for Me

Levi currently has a traineeship as an Editor at CPD for Me and 

is studying a Certificate III in information technology.

Short Documentaries produced by Levi

Levi Sandercoe,

Aspiring for Asperity: The Tortured mind of the Creative soul, 2020 HSC Major Body of Work

Artists throughout history have dealt with poverty, persecution, social alienation, psychological trauma, substance abuse, high stress and other such environmental factors which are associated with developing and perhaps causing mental illness. These artists reflect their emotional state of mind through their self portraits as a way of conveying the pain, grief or struggles they could be facing at the time.
Renowned artists such as Jean Michel Basquait and Vincent Van Gogh, each had their own issues in relation to their mental state. Their self portraits conveyed how they struggled with their mind, reflected on their soul and tried to understand who they truly were at heart. My Body of work explores the mind of two troubled yet brilliant artists, who struggled with their mental state, whilst creating some of the most influential artworks of all time as an approach to truly understand the tortured mind of the creative soul.