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Louise Williams

Future Branding Strategist



In a world of disruption and extraordinary change, agents such as leaders, teams and experts are the ones who show us the way. To do this they need to transform into their future selves and be future ready to lead others through transformation.


With over 20 years’ experience helping people transform into the best version of themselves, I leverage my skills in Personal Branding and as a past Psychologist and Photographer to lead clients through Jungian identity methodology and help them become the best version of themselves. Most clients I work with are looking for a unique and deep experience to help them achieve meaningful, sustainable and personal transformation.


Louise typically helps:

• Coaches, speakers and consultants to transform their practices from invisible, confused and misaligned brands, to thriving practices in great demand.
• Teams to build their team brand and become connected through vision, trust and purpose to become high performing.
• Leaders to help them step into the biggest version themselves and be ready to lead their teams for high performance.
• Event and conference organisers by speaking to create insightful, educational and engaging experiences for delegates. I teach them how to lead themselves and others through organisational and personal transformation.


What some have said:
“Louise is a unique branding firestarter, who has a way of bringing out the success in people. You need to be really ready to work on “what needs to be expressed” in you and your brand. Actions aligning with purpose. She sees your future self. You will be very thankful to have her on your team.” Sonia Wildgrace


Contact Louise:
Email: [email protected]
Mobile: 0402283219


Sole Practitioners & Individuals

150+ hours Corporate Solutions

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