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Olivia Bartholomew has been in the legal industry for over 20 years. With a passion for service and support, Olivia has taken this experience and formed a company to serve the industry she loves. Andram Consulting provides services exclusive to the legal industry which include:

• internal strategy and optimisation consulting and training
• efficiency consulting and training
• IT services (through a partnership with BOAB IT) and
• LEAP consulting.

Olivia worked her way up from junior, legal secretary then Office and IT Manager, working in these positions for a number of firms from a sole trader to a top tier firm. Olivia has spent years at the coal face, dealing with the main issues and concerns felt by support staff, professional staff and the partners. This multi-faceted experience provided a deep understanding that the industry needed a helping hand – to improve their hardware, software, processes, efficiency to bring about a happier, more satisfied and therefore effective workforce. She created Andram Consulting to advise law firms of every size on how to improve in all areas, to create a well-oiled machine that sees better efficiency and better systems.