With over 20 years of insightful, proven and practical business development initiatives, Paula Gilmour has assisted large and smaller legal practices to make lasting improvements to their business performance and profitability. Her focus now is on assisting tomorrow’s lawyers and smaller firms to not just survive, but thrive.

Principal of Sales Strategy for the past 12 years, Paula is a lateral thinker, energetic and empathetic, who helps her clients think outside the square and see the big picture, while providing insightful, detailed ideas to improve the performance of individuals and practices with whom she consults. Her focus is process and value driven and she has measurable results from the investments of firms in marketing on a shoestring and implementation of practical business development initiatives, irrespective of their size. Her buoyant personality and quick intelligence have helped Paula create a large network of friends in the legal field who include our current inspirational thinkers. Paula’s warm personality encourages others to commit to the challenge of optimistic development of the legal environment for the smaller law firm.