Peter Heazlewood is a Director of Lift Legal and the go-to person in law firm marketing, nationally. Peter draws on his experience as a practicing lawyer and Managing Partner of a progressive law firm for over 25 years. He is especially skilled at decluttering the marketing jargon and analysing the individual needs of law firms to help drive results. Having the industry know-how means he can share valuable insights on how to generate leads and what works for your firm.


Having a wealth of knowledge in law firm marketing, Peter regularly presents to lawyers of small and medium law firms, industry associations such as The Law Society and many premium providers of CPD education for lawyers around Australia.


Peter has the expertise working as a lawyer and the track record to deliver marketing that works for hundreds of law firms nationally.


Lift Legal is focused on producing premium web based products relating to the marketing and management of law firms to assist managers and partners better control their firms. The purpose is to enable those managers and partners to enjoy the benefits of a more profitable, better running law firm.


We are fortunate to be able to draw on the expertise of Brian Hicks and Peter Heazlewood. Both were lawyers for over 20 years each and both former Managing Partners of progressive law firms. With this deep level of experience, along with Peter’s ongoing consultancy visits to many law firms in every state of Australia, through Smart Law Marketing, we are able to draw on a deep and continuing understanding of issues confronting law firms on a daily basis.


We can provide workable and practical online solutions through our newsletters, social media and website content products and now, through Active Legal Media, website development, exclusively for law firms.


We are committed to the delivery of workable and easy-to-use practical software solutions that make a real and meaningful difference…to make good law firms better.