1000 CPD for Me Corporate Solutions 24 Month Subscription

Corporate Solution - 1000 CPD Units 24 Month Subscription - Access CPDforMe On-Demand Library

$18,500.00 $16,500.00 $16,500.00

ON SALE – Firm subscription is an honour based system, which means that we trust each other to be nice: You pay up from for 1,000 units for $15k + gst (1000 x 15 CPD unit = $15k+gst) – 24 months access to our library and handouts –  your way. To ensure our content is exclusive and of a premium nature we ask that you provide monthly reporting of which sessions were viewed, how many times plus participant rating, comment or feedback.   Need more units, that is fine, please tops up with additional units charged at $15 a unit + gst.

Corporate Solution - 1000 CPD Units 24 Month Subscription - Access CPDforMe On-Demand Library

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1000 CPD for Me Units 24 Month Subscription


Our online exclusive CPD library consists of over 140 hours of exclusive legal professional development published from 2017 to 2021.


Join Bronwyn Pott and Paula Gilmour curation of over 60 leading barristers, accredited specialists and industry experts who present on a wide range of mandatory subjects: Practice Management, Professional Skills, Ethics and Professional Responsibility.

CPD for Me are an independent regional publisher and since 2013 have assisted over 3.5K sole practitioners, small law firms and individuals obtain CPD points which are promoted monthly to over 23K peers and colleagues.  We source content based on subscriber ratings, requests and things we feel are important for law firm owners and lawyers.

We are not sponsored, we invest in our experts content, staff and #SAKT participants.

Since 2017, we have self funded over 15 participants from 5 schools to assist in elements of the production of our content. In 2021, our aim to be able  Remote Legal Services and MidcoastDigital Work Studies Incubator to more schools and students to Support Australian Kids Today.


There are multiple extremely relevant professional develop relevant  large law firm partners and lawyers with over 86% of attendees rating 4 stars and above including:


We value the time it has taken our experts, become experts and the dedication it takes to create amazing one hour webinars.  We offer our experts the courtesy of monthly attendee reporting with a shared revenue model of $5 for each exclusive on-demand CPD purchased.


Since 2017, our content is created Supporting Australian Kids Today participating in #SAKT Y9-12 legal studies and MidCoast Digital Incubator.  We are not Hollywood, yet our experts are super stars who present one hour deep dives webinars into specific legal matter subjects and provide ongoing Q&A.


Your subscription will also Sponsor Australian Kids Today participating in #SAKT2021 (Terms 2-4) learning new cool online tools which they will complete to the best of their abilities, one task at a time for your firm.  Current tasks include:

  1. Set Up Social Media Accounts, or
  2. Social Media Report, or
  3. Social Media Graphics Campaign, or

UPGRADES available for bespoke requirements, outstanding student applications or joining our speakers program.

We have an online form with preview of every session categorised for your review and to select relevant sessions and advise your preferred mode of delivery. Our content includes relevant handouts, 2-3 minute previews and content via vimeo link or mp4.


All we ask is that you be honest and provide a monthly report of which sessions were viewed, by how many, participant rating, comments or feedback.


Our aim is to produce experts exclusive content specifically tailored for the legal industry and is practical and relevant.


If a session is no longer relevant or an expert advises their content is no longer relevant they have the right to withdraw their session with 30 days notice.

The Trust Factor

This subscription is an honour based system, which means that we trust each other to be nice:

    • You pay up front $15,000k + gst for 1,000 units (1000 views @ $15 CPD unit);
    • You will have 24 months access to our content library (full library or selected sessions);
    • You provide a monthly report of which sessions were viewed and how many times, rating, feedback and comments;
    • If you complete 1,000 units within the 2 years, additional units will be charged at $15 each unit for the 24 month period;
    • Your units and CPD access expires in 24 months unless you renew your subscription; and
    • You participate in #SAKT and select a task today for completing in T2-4.

CPD for Me has 8 employees that depend on your contributions and ongoing support.  

Thank you.  We are grateful that you have chosen to include CPD for Me premium experts within your CPD library.  We value your content suggestions and invite your experts to join our speakers program.

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$44/ a month +GST

12 month subscription, pay per month.

$300 30 day pass

Access all our on-demand CPD and webinars in march 

Just $528 Pay Upfront 12 Month Subscription

$528 +GST

 Pay upfront 12 month subscription.

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