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90-Day Business Development Action Plan (Individual)

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With over 10 years experience, proven insights & consistent results, Paula facilitates assisting you to create your 90-day business development program, your way.

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Product Description

Finding right fit clients, your way

This confidential one-hour webinar for fee earners is specifically tailored to each individual’s BD strengths to develop a one-page relevant 90-Day Business Development Action Plan, your way focussing only 2-4 a week.

No matter what your preferences, such as face to face, networking groups, seminars, webinars, writing articles, joining a committee, sporting association or using social media, Paula assists each participant to create a relevant action plan, with ways to measure & record your next 90 days.  We all work differently & the beauty of this engaging CPD is that you choose how you spend 2-4 hours of your time on business development activities each week to develop right fit clients.  This webinar provides lots of think time so you can focus and plan your next 90 days.  In 90 days you will clearly know what is working & what isn’t.

CPD-LIVE 2019 – focus so you can define & refine for your success in 2019.  Where your focus goes, your energy flows.

1 CPD Unit – Practice Management

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