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Selling a large firm is easy … well relatively easy, when compared with the sale of a smaller firm. So many of these simply close their doors as equity holders quit or retire. But there are eight growth areas where value can be readily built and six selling ‘plays’ where this greater value can be realised.

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Part #1 – Building value

First of all we need to examine what a valuer of a consulting / professional advisory enterprise looks for in order to give that enterprise an optimal valuation … because that’s what we want for our enterprise.

John has done that and developed eight sets of growth enablers: sales and profit growth, sales and marketing process, market proposition, management quality, client relationships, quality of fee income, intellectual property, and, consultant loyalty.

Within each of these eight sets John has created very specific tactics for growth that will build value, according to the size of the enterprise. And these tactics are classified by the six business success levers: strategy, marketing, selling, delivery, operations, and, talent.

In practice, the outcome of this exercise is a very action-focused implementation roadmap, supported by the readily implementable tactics for growth. Tactics which will grow the enterprise regardless of whether you go on to sell.

Part #2 – The six selling ‘plays’

Secondly, we need to examine the six selling ‘plays’ that John has developed:

  1. Intellectual Assets … only
  2. Absorption … can include the consultants / advisors, and results in the sale of the enterprise to an established larger firm
  3. Internal Protégé … can include the consultants / advisors, and results in the sale of the enterprise (boutique) to a lead consultant / advisor from within the enterprise
  4. External Protégé … can include the consultants / advisors, and results in the sale of the enterprise to a lead consultant / advisor with a consulting / advisory background
  5. Collaboration … may not include the consultants / advisors, and is an interim step towards the Absorption ‘play’
  6. Build & Consolidate … effectively a ‘do nothing for a while play’ … just continue to build the current enterprise.

By the end of part #2 you will have a reasonable idea of which ‘play’ is right for you.

Learning outcomes

  1. The ability to identify which of eight growth areas have the best potential for growth within your enterprise
  2. An understanding of the specific tactics for growth within those potential areas, sufficient for you to identify where to take action
  3. An insight into six selling ‘plays’, sufficient for you to identify and rank those which you will further investigate in detail.

Why someone should attend

Faced with ‘closure’ … feeling very negative about the future of the enterprise you have put your ‘heart and soul’ into … wanting to optimise the value of your ‘legacy’ … then this webinar will provide the answers to these common questions.

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About your Speaker

Following a career at IBM, PwC, PW and Grant Thornton working-in and working-on those firms, John Groarke has enthusiastically mentored the consulting and advisory world – sole practitioners, boutiques, brand-name firms – since 2005. Known as Australia’s “Mentor to Consultants”, John helps consulting, professional advisory and services-oriented enterprises to confidently breakthrough with relevant, distinctive, focused, sustainable and profitable businesses.

Central to John’s work is increasing the value of those businesses. In the early 2000s he worked on preparing PwC Consulting in ANZ for a global IPO, or sale, as the entity to be known as ‘Monday’. Over a 15-month period he was credited with having a significant role in improving the profitability, and thus the value, of the strategy consulting practice. PwC Consulting was sold to IBM in 2002, and John continued in a merger integration role for the strategy practices in 16 Asia Pacific countries.

Today, many of his 129 clients seek to enhance their value to satisfy their M&A objectives. So John reverse-engineered what a valuer looks for, in order to create pragmatic sets of tactics for growth that would attract an optimal valuation from a valuer. He has subsequently developed six ‘plays’ for selling a consulting / advisory enterprise.

John teaches consulting business courses at the University of Sydney’s Centre for Continuing Education. He has also presented workshops for a variety of third-parties, including Business Enterprise Centres and the Careers Service at Macquarie Graduate School of Management. He has been a conference speaker for the Hargraves Institute and the Institute of Management Consultants, twice.

John holds a bachelor’s degree in Computational Science & Statistics and a post-graduate diploma in Computing Science. In his spare time, he enjoys soccer (coaching and spectating) and digital photography.

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