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Drone Law: Flying Above the Regulatory Hurdles (2020) 1 CPD Unit

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Drone Law: Flying Above the Regulatory Hurdles (2020)


In this recorded webinar which has been edited into an engaging on demand explores the robust regulations surrounding the use of drones in Australia. We will walk through the regulatory environment for drones that will shape the start of this decade. The drone regulatory space is constantly changing in respect to technical developments, new applications, as well as the implementation of further regulations and guidelines. In this talk Tom will provide an overview to the formative developments in the drone regulatory and practitioner landscape at the moment.



Learning Outcomes:

  1. Be aware of the key regulations governing the use of drones in Australia;
  2. Identify key legal issues arising out of the operation of drones;
  3. Be alert to the pending regulations guiding this area of technology;
  4. Appreciate the role of the Civil Aviation Safety Authority in regulating the use of drones.





About your Speaker: Tom Pils, The Drone Lawyer

Australian lawyer specialising in drone law & the regulations surrounding this awesome & rapidly growing area of human ingenuity. Also a litigation expert representing a range of clients from foreign government formed entities to SME’s.


Tom’s focus & passion lies in the legal landscape, or more appropriately – airways, concerning drones. His mission is to guide clients through the red-tape & regulatory risk associated with integrating & utilising drones in their operations so as to ultimately increase their productivity & profitability.


Tom’s background has mainly been in commercial law, disputes & litigation. Whether representing the interests of a foreign government in Australian trade marks, settling defamation proceedings against a major television broadcaster, or acting against one of the big car manufacturers in an alleged contempt of court proceedings, Tom’s experience means you are in good hands should you find yourself in any kind of dispute. However, this is only if the first avenue is not possible: to avoid a dispute in the first place by negotiating a commercially sensible resolution without escalation to the Courts.


In addition to his dispute work, Tom also has extensive contract drafting & review experience. This includes technical contract drafting as well as framing the parameters in which the terms of a contract will be based. He has drafted Service Agreement for a private ambulance company, Privacy Policy for a car sales website, and Supply Agreement for a major Australian charity. Additionally, Tom has drafted Wills, Power of Attorney and Enduring Guardianship documentation.


This broad range of experience means Tom does not just advise on the technical aspects of the law (a given), but considers the best option in the commercial real-life context. With an attention to detail while considering the big picture, Tom provides practical legal solutions & will be the trusted advisor in your corner of the sky.



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26 reviews for Drone Law: Flying Above the Regulatory Hurdles (2020) 1 CPD Unit


    Very thought provoking


    very informative


    very detailed and informative

  4. kheir300

    Useful insights. It is not surprising that we all focus and others and forget own own health and state of well being until it is too late.

  5. kheir300

    Useful insights.

    It is not surprising that we all focus and others and forget own own health and state of well being until it is too late.

  6. Maria Juliana Reyes Beron

    Excellent discussion. Very informative and realistic of what is and has been an issue in the profession.

  7. SRemnick

    Interesting topic and great discussion.

  8. SRemnick

    Interesting topic and great discussion.

  9. Tsimiklis

    A very interesting discussion. Very topical and raised a number of ethical issues.

  10. Tsimiklis

    An interesting take on a new and emerging area of the law. Thanks for offering this seminar.

  11. Alan Barr

    A very enjoyable presentation.

  12. SRemnick

    Interesting topic and presentation

  13. Alan Barr (verified owner)

    This presentation was very enjoyable.

  14. Craig Mason

    quite rudimentary

  15. Rajinder Bassan

    was very helpful.

  16. Rajinder Bassan

    was very helpful.

  17. Leif Godwin

    Really interesting and relevant discussion on wellness and the profession

  18. Paul Grant

    Very Good
    Thank you
    Paul Grant

  19. Phoebe

    Very comprehensive and attractive presentation

  20. jrockett

    Excellent discussion. I really enjoyed the scope and breadth of consideration of this issue. It reminds me that it is such an important issue – and certainly resonated with me personally.

  21. Gregory


  22. [email protected]

    Very interesting material and presentation. I have requested the handout but not received it. Thanks.

  23. Laura Wheeler

    Very interesting update on Drones and the law.

  24. [email protected]

    Food for thought, particularly when it comes to ‘adversarial’ matters.

  25. [email protected]

    Food for thought, particularly when it comes to ‘adversarial’ matters.

  26. TDP CPD 16

    Pretty complicated registration process to fly a drone.

    Very informative. Cheers

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