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Avoid document disasters 20/11/2023
MEET UP 1pm to 2pm
Level 1 | Early Career Lawyer
1 CPD Unit

$88.00 $88.00

Ideal for new law firm staff and early career lawyers (1-3 years)

If you’re looking for practical skills training, then this Fast Track Early Career Lawyer (ECL) micro learning course has been designed especially for you.  You’ll get invaluable tips, guidance and instruction from seasoned legal experts and fast track your professional performance, simple and easy.

ECL “Meet Ups” are available as a single unit or in a convenient tailored ‘pick & pack’ that you can individually select relevant practical online skills to suit your specific training requirements:

  1. ECL Tailored Program | 5 CPD unit,
  2. ECL Tailored Program | 10 CPD unit or
  3. 12 month Fast Track Early Career Lawyer Program


This one hour Avoid document disasters Meet Up includes 5 micro learning modules below with participant Q&A

Date:  20 November 2023

Time:  1pm to 2pm

Early Career Lawyer Avoid document disasters

  • Document delivery
  • Printing problems
  • Working on documents
  • Utilise precedents
  • Missing files

1 CPD Unit Professional Skills or Practice Management


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About your micro learning experts:

An accredited specialist in local government and town planning law, Susan Marie Hill has been a solicitor for more than 35 years. She is the author of A New Lawyer’s Guide to Getting it Right the First Time (LexisNexis), a comprehensive handbook of practical legal skills strategies for newly admitted lawyers.

As a qualified coach, Susan offers a unique practical legal skills training opportunity for early career lawyers. Blending decades of irreplaceable hands-on experience with proven coaching techniques means that early career lawyers can instantly find out what they need to know in a clear, easy-to-follow format that relates directly to them.

About CPD for Me™ content curators:

Celebrating 10 years, we are a multi award winning legal content provider.  Led by Paula Gilmour, a learning and business development specialist and Bronwyn Pott, a legal industry senior manager and seasoned law firm strategy and operations expert with multiple law firms.

Recorded “Meet Ups” are edited and published exclusively on CPD for Me™ ECL eLearning library only.  CPD for Me™ has published over 135 leading Australian barristers, accredited specialists and professional service industry experts exclusive professional development online with handouts plus ongoing Q&A.  CPD for Me™ is recognised as “best online courses for the legal industry ” by our former worldwide reseller and “best practice in the supervision of junior lawyers” by UNSW Edge.


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Further Information:

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CPD for Me™ ECL Micro Learning Series is a premium+ program and not part of our CPD for Me™ subscriber library designed for sole practitioners, practice managers and lawyers from small to large tier firm, accountants and advisors tailored continuing professional development.


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MEET UP 1pm to 2pm
Level 1 | Early Career Lawyer
1 CPD Unit”


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