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Lawyer Wellness Inclusive Workplaces with Catherine Nolan

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Lawyer Wellness Inclusive Workplaces

learning outcomes:

  1. How to recruit
  2. Ways to collaborate and lead inclusively
  3. Any why

1 CPD Unit – Professional Skills or Practice Management

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About your speaker

Catherine Nolan is a seasoned, global Key Note Speaker, an award-winning Coach, recognised diversity advocate and a 3-time best-selling author. But behind the LinkedIn spiel, I’m simply super curious about your next move. Whether it’s for yourself or your team. I’ve had experience with helping thousands to their next move, and I’m innately passionate about how you can leverage the best of you, to move past ‘meh’, into ‘fired up’.

Catherine is known as an Inclusive Leadership Expert, helping individuals to make bolder, more courageous moves than they thought possible… and leaders to be more inclusive.

My background in organisational & individual development has a global footprint, across most industries. You can see who and read testimonials at cathnolan.com.

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