Most Watched CPD Mandatory Mix | 3 CPD Units

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3 CPD Units Practice Management, Professional Skills and Ethics

Most Watched CPD Mandatory Mix | 3 CPD Units

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Most Watched CPD Mandatory Mix | 3 CPD Units

License is for a single fee earner to access CPD session for 12 months and LogCPD to print completion statement.

3 CPD Units -Practice Management, Professional Skills and Ethics

In this Most Watched Mandatory Mix CPD package you can:

  1. Watch the three sessions on-demand 24/7* on any device, download handouts, LogCPD and ask questions.

2020 Rerun sessions include:

  1. . Navigating Difficult Issues With Peers, Staff And Clients (2020) Dr Andrew Heys
    • Learning Outcomes:
      • Reflect on their own needs, interests and feelings in a key relationship or situation and set conversation goals or action plans with timelines
      • Apply some opening up strategies to create the time and opportunity for constructive conversations and to set the scene and open the dialogue positively.
      • Steer a conversation toward an objective and rational stance while at the same time remaining empathetic, responsive and engaged with the perspectives of others
      • Manage difficult moments and behaviours more effectively by having some constructive techniques to redirect, neutralise
  2. Negotiation Skills (2019) Peter Spence
      • Learning Outcomes:
        • Study conventional approaches to negotiation and their limitations
        • Encourage participants to reflect upon the strengths and limitations of their own theory and style of negotiation
        • Introduce participants to alternative approaches to negotiation that are designed to create value, develop productive and durable business relationships
        • Highlight barriers to effective negotiation and methods of overcoming those barriers
        • Demonstrate that negotiation is a process of both claiming and creating value
        • Understanding and applying negotiation power
        • Demonstrate how participants can build the collaborative advantage to produce outcomes that will better satisfy their interests and goals
  3. Ethical Hypotheticals For Small And Boutique Firms (2019) Steve Mark AM
      • Learning Outcomes:
        •  Three members of the same family are injured in the same bathroom on three separate occasions. They go to a solicitor who sees all three at each appointment. When commencing court action, the court decides to hear the three cases together as the evidence in one would be the evidence in each (at least in terms of liability). The solicitor charges each client full fare for each appointment and each day in court.
        • A barrister receives a brief from a solicitor to advise on a complicated estate matter in which the solicitor has been instructed. The barrister accepts the brief, but becomes involved in a lengthy commercial case in the Supreme Court and doesn’t get to the advice for some months. The solicitor contacts the barrister on many occasions to find out what is happening with the advice, but receives no response. The solicitor however tells the client that the matter is well in hand, just complicated and will require time. Eventually, the client is frustrated and complains to the OLSC. The OLSC writes to the solicitor asking for a response, but the solicitor doesn’t respond for more than a month as she can’t get a response from the barrister.
        • Paul is a solicitor in a busy suburban practice which also has one junior solicitor and Jane, a paralegal. Paul likes to do all the litigation that comes into the firm, and so he gives most of the other legal work to the junior solicitor and the conveyancing to Jane. Jane is not very experienced and on one occasion she is working on a complicated transaction where a series of properties are being bought and sold. However, she feels that she could handle anything and so doesn’t let Paul know of the issues involved. It goes horribly wrong, an easement is missed on one of the properties and the transaction collapses. An action is threatened against the firm.
        • You are a barrister and a solicitor who has been in practice for many years comes to you for advice. The solicitor has been charged with possession of child pornography. The solicitor tells you that he accessed the pornography as research into a case for a client. The solicitor doesn’t want to disclose the charge to the regulatory agency as he has a prior charge for domestic assault on a minor for which he was acquitted. He didn’t disclose that charge when it happened many years ago and now is worried that he might get struck off the roll if the charges were discovered. Both charges happened outside Australia and he strongly believes that they won’t be discovered. What do you advise him?
        • You represent the mother in child care proceedings. The child was removed from the mother because of the mother’s poor mental health and suicidality. The mother’s mental health has now been stable for some time; and the mother is now pressing for the return of the children on this basis.
  • Check with your professional body as 2020/2021 year, most states law societies offer the ability to watch on-demand

About your Speakers

Steve Mark, AM is a lawyer by profession, having initially studied in America, the country of his birth, and subsequently in Australia.  He practiced law with a private firm for five years, specialising in criminal law before travelling to England where for three years he practised in criminal, immigration and human rights law. He was President of the New South Wales Anti-Discrimination Board from 1988 to 1994.   Steve is Chairman of the Australian Section of the International Commission of Jurists.  The International Commission of Jurists, established in 1952 and based in Geneva, has consultative status with the United Nations.  Steve has lectured and consulted widely throughout Australia on human rights issues and sound management practices in both the public and private sectors including a three-year period as a lecturer in the Law Faculty at Macquarie University.  Steve was awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Laws at Macquarie University in October 2000.

He was appointed as Legal Services Commissioner when the Office was established in July 1994 – 2013.  The Office of the Legal Services Commissioner receives complaints against solicitors and barristers in New South Wales, and works to improve ethical behaviour of lawyers. Steve was appointed as a member of the Council of International House, The University of Sydney in January 2010.

In January 2010, Steve Mark was appointed Registrar, Australasian Register of Security Professionals which has been established to set competencies and criteria for the registration of security professionals in Australia and New Zealand.

In 2011, Steve Mark was appointed Technical Committee Member to the International Standards for Security Agencies Technical Committee.

In 2012, Steve Mark was appointed as a member of the University of New England, School of Law Advisory Board.

Steve was appointed as Adjunct Research Fellow in the School of Law, (Australian Agriculture and Law Centre) University of New England on 23 July 2012.

Dr Andrew Heys is a Director at Macquarie Business School, Macquarie University.

As the founder of Heys and Associates, Dr Heys has consulted to industry across the Asia-Pacific for 15 years.  Current and past clients have included several Fortune 500 multinationals for whom he has led critical engagements across the Asia-Pacific – he has also worked with wide array of Australian blue chip companies and top tier professional services firms. A master facilitator, Dr Heys provides professional development workshops, strategic facilitation, tactical advice and coaching.

Dr Heys received his PhD in the discipline of management from Macquarie University in 2013, he also holds a Masters in International Studies with first class honours from the University of Sydney and a BA (Hons) in Political Science from Macquarie University.  Before assuming his current role Dr Heys was MBA Program Director at MGSM (2015-2018) where he oversaw the operations of an FT 100 MBA Program (#74, 2019 FT). During his tenure Andrew was responsible for multiple portfolios: domestic programs, the Hong Kong MBA, international student recruitment and exchange programs, standards and quality (including adjunct recruitment and performance management) along with line management responsibility for a large team of professional staff.

Andrew adopts a pragmatic and applied approach to his teaching practice, he teaches units in HRM, organisational behaviour and negotiation. Andrew has been and remains deeply engaged with industry throughout his career and led several key initiatives to bring MGSM students into closer contact with industry including the MGSM Internship Program and the Living Case Study unit on management consulting.

Dr Heys conducts applied mixed methods research into the links between management and performance with a current emphasis on professional services firms. He supervises doctoral students and contributes to academic debates as an active researcher, referee and doctoral examiner.

Peter Spence is the founding principal of SPANS and the organisation’s lead negotiation consultant, specialist agent, coach and trainer. Peter draws upon extensive practical expertise and experience as a high risk negotiator and investigator backed up by academic knowledge and research in the fields of dispute resolution, mediation, negotiation, human resource development, human relations and communications. Peter has prepared and delivered negotiation skills training to company Executives, CEOs, Directors, finance and medical professionals . His experience has extended to a variety of commercial and crisis negotiations and public dispute mediations.

Peter provides SPANS with the professional experience to help clients obtain maximum leverage and advantage during the negotiation process, enabling them to achieve desired outcomes and business synergies while developing improved relationships with negotiation partners.

Peter’s strong interest, knowledge and skill in negotiation theory, practice and education developed from a practical background as a former qualified police negotiator who was engaged in a number of high risk negotiations. He has worked as an independent negotiator, member and leader of highly skilled negotiation teams to successfully resolve high-risk situations. This early exposure to negotiation theory and practice encouraged Peter to undertake and complete tertiary studies in human relations and communications, and human resource development. Peter holds a B.Soc.Sc. degree from Southern Cross University, Australia, specialising in dispute/conflict resolution, group processes, mediation, negotiation, professional development and training. Peter also has tertiary qualifications in the field of Business Communications and has conducted tertiary research into cross cultural communication involving groups exposed to historical poor relationships and conflict.

Peter attended the Harvard Law School Program on Negotiation in Boston , completing the certificate in ‘Teaching Negotiation in the Organisation’. His approach to training and development is aligned to the Harvard PON philosophy. Peter is an accredited workplace trainer and assessor. He is currently pursuing further professional development through postgraduate research into the effectiveness of Negotiation Training in the development of collaborative enterprises (Organisational Networks, Strategic Alliances, complex inter and intra organisational project teams etc).

Further Information

If particular educational activities are relevant to your immediate or long term needs in relation to your professional development and practice of the law or profession, then you should claim one “unit” for each hour of online viewing, listening, and private study completing relevant downloads.  

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