One-on-One Firm Strategy and Options Discussion with Bronwyn Pott, Strategic Solutions

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With over 10 years experience, proven insights & consistent results in professional service firms, Paula Gilmour facilitates and assists practice group leaders to create a confidential one page 90-Day Business Development Action Plan for your team.

One-on-One Firm Strategy and Options Discussion with Bronwyn Pott, Strategic Solutions

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A sound call when you want to know different options and trends available

This confidential one-hour webinar with Paula Gilmour is practical & specifically tailored to individuals’ requirements to create & develop one-page & relevant 90-Day Practice Group Business Development Action Plan.

No matter what your preferences, such as using pen & paper, excel, .doc or online collaboration tools, Paula assists each participant (even being your typist if required) to create a relevant action plan, with ways to measure & record your teams progress over the next 90 days.  We all work differently & the beauty of this engaging 1-hour CPD is that a Partner will have lots of think time to focus to create, prioritise, measure & record your teams next 90 days.

CPD-LIVE 2021 – focus so you can lead & empower your team for success in 2021 and beyond.  Where your focus goes, your energy flows.

1 CPD Unit – Practice Management

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Thank you for letting me be part of your CPD journey.  I can’t wait to meet you online. 

Paula Gilmour
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