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Why & how to get the best sleep Mariya Radysh CPD for Me

LAWYERS Why and how to get the best sleep, Maryia Radysh | CPD for Me™

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Why and how to get the best sleep


Learning outcomes:

  • Getting proper sleep is undoubtedly the most important thing for our physical health and mental wellbeing
  • Importance of sleep for faster personal development and professional growth
  • The truth about habits of highly successful people
  • Things that we think help us to sleep but don’t
  • What to do when you need to be focused and productive vs when you want to fully relax

1 CPD unit Professional Skills

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About your speaker

Mariya Radysh is a former lawyer and a 2 time TEDx speaker. Furthermore, she a transformational trainer, keynote speaker and a thought leader on human potential and wellbeing. She has also built 2 businesses and several careers as a lawyer, university lecturer and interpreter fluent in 5 languages. Moreover, she completed 5 university degrees in law and economics and a handful of qualifications while living in the USA, Eastern Europe and for the last 15 years in Australia.
Mariya comes from a family of medical practitioners and over the last few years she has been focusing on researching and offering insights into both physiology and psychology behind wellbeing. She herself suffered anxiety and burnouts for over 3 decades. However, she changed her life significantly and now her goal is to educate and aid as many people as possible to transform and create healthier and happier lives.
Mariya always customizes her talks and tailors her workshops to the needs of the audience. And while her research and content are on complex topics Mariya always delivers her insights in an easy to understand and conversational manner. Moreover, not only her presentations are inspirational but also, very importantly, transformational. You will walk away with all the answers you have been looking for and clarity on what to do next.

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