Ron is an experienced professional services consultant, focused on helping create better outcomes for firms and their clients.


A lawyer since the 1980s in New Zealand, London and Hong Kong, Ron flipped to the client side to lead the litigation function of largest public company, with trans-Tasman and global responsibilities. He also led New Zealand’s representative association for corporate and government lawyers and was a member of the Law Society’s governing Council.


Ron complements professional services consulting with ‘hands on’ practical experience in acting General Counsel roles in private and public sector agencies and engagements with professional services firms, government agencies and legal departments. His passion is helping create better outcomes for firms and their clients. On the global stage, Ron was appointed the ABA’s only representative speaker outside the US on hourly billing and its alternatives, has spoken at many conferences, and has collaborated with world leaders including David Maister, Richard Susskind, Gerry Riskin, Ed Wesemann, Patrick McKenna, and the members of


Ron has published and spoken extensively in the fields of professional and client services management, including a regular column for the world’s largest grouping of in-house counsel, and on anti-money laundering for professionals, on which North & South says he’s “fast becoming our leading expert on this dark and sinister art”, for which he also helps train enforcement and regulatory agencies from New Zealand, Australia and elsewhere. Ron is completing a PhD with Australia’s Centre for Governance and Public Policy, framed in outcomes and effectiveness, which also includes an in-depth focus on the money laundering vulnerabilities and frameworks for professional services firms.