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#SAKT Beat - Lawyers listen to their plea

Composer YoungNeco
Rap version Jimmy Corben

Listen to Nick's #SAKT Beat

Rap Lyrics - Jimmy Corben & Paula Gilmour

“#S.A.K.T CPD for Me to help Aussies young wild and free living by the sea 

CPD are here for these Easy in three steps for me 

Will the Barristers and lawyers hear our plea 

Cause the spirit of love we guide, we share 

We strive, we care, cause love is rare CPD is always there 

$5 share for the experts there 

And the Barristers and specialists do their best 

So follow this quest and take these steps 

CPD to help kids out of poverty 

Time to achieve 

All This with ease, so CPD is here for Me CPD is here for Me”

Nick Robinson - SAKT Midcoast Digital CPD for Me

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