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How to use our new system?

Check you are logged in. Go to my account page.

In order to get to the Speaker Hub, please login.  Your old login email and password should work, try it by going to the “my account” page, if you can’t remember your old password then simply reset it, instructions on how to reset passwords are here. If you don’t already have an account with us simply, go to the “my account” page and register. But if you need to register a brand new account or when you login you don’t see the below speakers hub, you will have to email [email protected] to on-board your account.

If you need any help at all, feel free to email us or schedule a 15 min chat with Paula

Once you have scheduled the webinar, Pula will contact you and schedule a zoom call. And if you chose to schedule a LIVE webinar, we will start advertising and selling access to said LIVE webinar.

How to use the Speakers Hub section?

If you need any help at all, feel free to email us or schedule a 15 min chat with Paula

Oou can also connect with us on social with the links provided: LinkedIn | FaceBook | Vimeo | YouTube | Pinterest | Twitter | Instagram | Google Business and tag in your promotions @PaulaGilmour @BronwynPott @CPDforMe #SAKT2021 so we can also share the love, thank you.

How to join the Referral Partners Program?

If you would like to offer  offer Tallied CPD programs, corporate training, sell your products/services on CPDforMe.com.au and/or become a bookable speaker, you will need to sign up to our offer Tallied CPD programs, please join our Referral Partners Program

Once you have signed up to offer Premium CPD. we will contact you and start offering your your products/services. In the “My Account’ page under the “Speakers Hub” a new booking calendar section will appear.   

CPDforMe how to's -Become a bookable speaker (feature hidden)

Once you have specified your services, available times and prices. we will enable the book button on your experts page. Below shows how users will be able to book you. 

CPDforMe how to's -Ask an Expert - book a chat
CPDforMe how to's -Bookings Payment & Process

What they say about us

"I came across Paula about four or five years ago, really, when I was just starting, because I couldn't find anywhere else who puts everything together for me in one go. If it did, it would have been a two day practice, out of the country, doing a whole heap of seminars over two days, one night, and that would cost anywhere between $1,500 to $2,000. With Paula, I was able to pretty much do everything that I needed in one system. What it allowed me to do was have all my CPDs done within the week. It was a godsend, because for me as a sole practitioner, I wasn't able to spread things out. I wasn't able to attend things in person, and being able to do live webinar was one thing that allowed me to do everything that I wanted to do when I wanted to do it. The material that was provided was great. I get to choose from a wide range. Especially for my profession, I don't want to deal with things that doesn't help me to achieve my goal."
Son Nguyen
Head of Commercial Law & Estate Planning at Bell Partners
"After I retired as full time Judge, I now provide pro bono legal advice to charities and other not for profit organisations and need to get CPD points. This year I went with CPD For Me. I have learnt a lot from these excellent presentations and found it to be a convenient and efficient way of satisfying my CPD requirements."
Frank Marks
Mediator and Arbitrator
"I have been using Paula for years for my CPD points. I am impressed with the speakers and contents of the lectures. Paula will always contact you if you need any help. Even out of office hours. I cannot recommend her enough. "
Kathleen Berck
Principal at Berck Solicitors Brisbane
"We recently engaged Paula to help with our firm CPD, SEO and staff training. Energetic, professional and offering a perspective that is otherwise not available in the legal space. Great product, great service. We will be continuing the chat. Thanks Paula"
Dennis Danaher
Dennis Danaher
Director at Danaher Moulton
"We have recently obtained a subscription for CPD For Me and have found it to be a very cost-effective and easy way to obtain CPD points, including the mandatory subjects. I would recommend it for any small practice."
Craig Pryor – Head of Commercial Law & Estate Planning at Bell Partners
Craig Pryor
Head of Commercial Law & Estate Planning at Bell Partners
"Excellent opportunity for the smaller firm and sole practitioner to learn how to shape their business plan, successfully handle the bottom line and benefit from the changing legal environment."
Warrick McLean, Coleman Greig, Parramatta
Warrick McLean
CEO Coleman Greig, Parramatta
"You have been so helpful and have gone above and beyond any reasonable expectations. I am looking forward to attending your seminars in the future"
Caroline Powers, C Power Lawyers
Caroline Powers
C Power Lawyers
"These seminars are designed to assist small legal practices grow. The advice is practical and easy to implement. Since attending the seminars we have refocused our practice. Great results, experts and good value!"
Alan Johnston, Whitelaw McDonald
Alan Johnston
Practice Manager Whitelaw McDonald