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Enhance your online repuation and digital footprint

CPDforMe are one of Australia's premier online CPD providers and publishers, distributing in Australia and all around the world.

Over 100 leading doctors, barristers, accredited specialists and industry experts sharing their insights, proven experience and expertise online. 

Since 2013 CPDforMe have awarded over 15,000 mandatory CPD units to busy professionals, watching via any online device.

Our content assists over 1,200 legal and accounting firms to keep abreast of legal updates, legislation changes, practice management, professional skills, ethics and professional responsibilies.

Our digital studio produces professional 30 and 60  minute 
on-demand and self-paced CPD sessions which are distributed locally. We also publish relevant content globally via third party providers.

We also produce corporate and training videos. Customised solutions available so think about 

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