Firstly we would like to thank you for your time, contribution, patience and continued support over the past year. It has been through you sharing your experience and expertise that we have come to be regarded as one of Australia’s premier providers of legal continuing professional development training.

We have listened to subscriber and speaker feedback and have been working hard to improve the quality of our offering while looking for ways to promote the expertise of our speakers through a wider network.

We told you earlier in the year that we were negotiating with third party CPD distributors, and your CPD session is now requested content.  In order to be acceptable for wider distribution, sessions must include at least 5 questions for participants to answer about the session.

If you could please complete the form below to suggest relevant questions and to confirm that your content is still relevant, we will be able to proceed.  You also have the opportunity to rerecord your  webinar, rerecord just your intro and outro and/or update handouts.

If we have not heard from you by 2nd January 2017, we will assume that your session is still relevant although you may miss the opportunity of a new distribution channel.

Thank you again for your time and continued support.

See you online soon,
Bronwyn & Paula

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