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10 March 2020

For a number of years, I have availed myself of the services of CPD for Me to enable me to meet my CPD obligations.
I practice in a remote location in regional Victoria and personal attendance at seminars is impractical.
I am r
eliant upon webinars and on-line sessions. I have tended to take advantage of the CPD on-demand facilities which I find particularly convenient in that I can participate at a time convenient to me. The cost of the sessions is very reasonable, and the scope of topics covers all required areas and the materials are up to date. I have found that the greatest advantage of CPD for Me is the ready access to its principal. Ms Paula Gilmour. Paula is always available to discuss any aspect of CPD and has tailored units specifically for me.
She operates her business from a regional area and is attuned to the particular needs of country practice.
I have no hesitation in recommending CPD for Me and am confident that it will prove to be an easy and painless way to meet your CPD requirements.
I confirm that this testimonial is unsolicited, and I received no consideration.
I would be pleased to discuss this matter personally if you would care to contact me.

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