Hi, I'm Son Nguyen.

"And I run a solo practice. It's called Son Nguyen Barrister and Solicitors.
I've been running it for almost five years now. and I came across Paula about four or five years ago, really, when I was just starting, because I couldn't find anywhere else who puts everything together for me in one go. If it did, it would have been a two day practice, out of the country, doing a whole heap of seminars over two days, one night, and that would cost anywhere between $1,500 to $2,000.

With Paula, I was able to pretty much do everything that I needed in one system. What it allowed me to do was have all my CPDs done within the week. It was a godsend, because for me as a sole practitioner, I wasn't able to spread things out. I wasn't able to attend things in person, and being able to do live webinar was one thing that allowed me to do everything that I wanted to do when I wanted to do it.

The material that was provided was great. I get to choose from a wide range. Especially for my profession, I don't want to deal with things that doesn't help me to achieve my goal.

The content was very informative and very detailed the guest speakers gave very well informed information, and I can take quite a lot from it. I'd love to recommend this to all my colleagues. Is is something that is very achievable within a week to spare when everything's put together. I couldn't say anything more than what she's done for me. I wouldn't be able to find anywhere else. And to the all, to be honesty, I wouldn't go anywhere else either. Because every year I come back and I get the same service and I can't be any happier, because it just helps me in so many ways.

This year, 2020, I've got a trial and will be running for the whole month of March. As you all know, as a legal practitioner, March is hell because by the 31st of March you've got to have all your CPDs completed. I was able to organize and have all my ten completed by today, which is the 21st, and that was only organized on the 19th of February. All done in 4 days!

You can't get that kind of service anywhere else. I really recommend that you look into the website and actually talk to Paula. You could actually have physical contact with her. You can actually talk to a person that's organizing the whole thing. 

 It's A-grade service, the best you'll probably get. I've been through a lot of seminars. ​

So, I really highly recommend having a look into it. It's, I think, one of the greatest things for someone like me. And for those who once have been to this seminar, on the CPD units, the way they want when they want it and however they want it. It's tailored for me specifically, and if you're looking into this, it's definitely going to for you."

- Son Nguyen

Son Nguyen Barrister and Solicitors

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