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CPD for Me offer over 160 CPD options so busy professionals can obtain all their CPD requirements online, on any device and with no travel hassles.

Our top selling packages with 70+ Barristers, Accredited Specialists and Industry Experts start from $40 a unit.  Our content includes the mandatory subjects: practice management, professional skills, substantive law, ethics and professional responsibility. Anywhere, Any Time, Any Device.

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CPD for Me Benefits

  • Choose from over 160 on-demand courses with 24/7 access
  • 50 March Webinar Events
  • Includes mandatory subjects
  • Any device access
  • FREE LogCPD – to record all your CPD activities in one central place
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Over 70 Barristers, Accredited Specialists & Industry Experts

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Here is some of the feedback we have received.

I run my business purely on my own funds and don’t have an overdraft, so cash flow is a constant stress for me. I don’t have any real interest in expanding the practice or hiring anyone and getting involved in all that entails. What I’m really hoping to achieve from attending the conference is to find cost-effective ways to streamline what I’m doing, free up some of my time and connect with other practitioners to share information and support each other. Like most great opportunities in life, this has come along at exactly the right time and the way I found out about it was a complete fluke. I debated for a while about whether I could afford to go and then realised I couldn’t afford not to. Can empathise with the principal who said they’re just running in all directions. Sometimes it feels like I’m in a whirlpool and no matter how fast I swim, I’m not getting anywhere. I’m looking forward to getting away from the same old patterns and coming back from the conference with a new direction. Thanks so much Paula for organising such a fantastic seminars and thanks also to the speakers for brilliant presentations!!! A lot to absorb and put in place but now have the motivation and focus to do it. Stopped on the way home yesterday and bought an accounting package so, as you say Paula, baby steps. Thanks again.
Kim O'Donnell, Ptolemy Legal, Coonabarabran

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