CPD for Me™ is recognised "best online CPD courses for the legal industry"* and "best practice in the supervision of junior lawyers"* click here.

Tailored Law Firm eLearning
Lawyers CPD from $20 a Unit

CPD for Me™ are a multi award winning publisher of exclusive legal and business continuing professional development (CPD). Firms select from a wide variety of over 50 leading experts and tailor 150 hours of  interactive recorded webinars, handouts with automated reporting.

Engage with CPD-LIVE webinars, Lunch n Learns, tailored programs and ongoing expert Q&A.  Access can be via your learning management system or our single sign-on platform.  CPD for Me accounts include LogCPD to record,  activities by any CPD provider, tally, save and email or print completion statement.  Click to preview mandatory lawyer CPD Professional Skills, Practice Management, Ethics and Professional Responsibility and interesting Australian Law legal Auslaw updates.  We also have cover management, HR, IT and Early Career Lawyers.

Since March 2023, every 100 units sold sponsors another Australian student to participate in #SAKT, Y9-12 tailored remote legal and business studies student digital work placement.   Since 2017,  we have been proudly assisting talented youth explore digital career pathways.

Simple Onboarding...

  1. Schedule a demo with Paula
  2. Purchase 100 or 1,000 unit corporate solution package via Stripe or direct deposit (preferred).
  3. On-Demand preview over 150 hours of on-demand CPD with handouts from $20 a unit
  4. Engaging facilitated online or onsite experts blended eLearning upgrades:
    – attend CPD-LIVE webinars for $45 a unit / per person (pp)
    – Paula Gilmour tailored remote Lunch n Learns $50 pp (min of 10 people) or Onsite POA
    – Bronwyn Pott what next confidential strategy discussion from $500 + GST
  5. CPD for Me Corporate Package usage based on above options on-demand, CPD-LIVE and Lunch n Learns up to the value of initial purchase and once used.
  6. To top up, simply purchase new $2k+gst corporate package
  7. Any unused units expire in 12 months from date of purchase.
  8. Expert presenter blended learning options available with price on application

100 CPD Unit package using CPD for Me Firm Single Sign – all we need is a generic firm email. Includes LogCPD which keeps a firm central record of CPD activities from any provider, completed CPD for Me units by staff by lawyer CPD period, tallies, saves and download to print and sign CPD compliance statement
(1 day turnaround)


1,000 CPD Unit package using your learning management system (3 day turnaround)

  1. Click to access a firm shared Google worksheet >> CPD for Me Exclusive Library Request form.
  2. You will receive a firm shared Google worksheet via email to access 3-minute previews of CPD for Me’s Exclusive 2019-2023 eLearning content, learning outcomes and speaker bios.
  3. Select the content you would like to add to your LMS which includes Vimeo link, automated reporting, images, relevant handouts via pdf and any links supplied.
  4. * Upgrades available including blended, tailored Lunch n Learns and BD plans.

Since March 2023 every 100 units purchasedsponsor another Australian student to participate in >> #SAKT, a remote Year 9 to 12 legal and business studies student work placement and digital work experience program we have been proudly supporting since 2017

Paula Gilmour eLearning and business development specialist

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Tailor your CPD for Me Law Firm Learning and Library

Corporate Solutions from $20 a CPD unit


Join Bronwyn Pott and Paula Gilmour’s curation of over 150 hours of exclusive, practical legal and business CPD updates with leading Australian barristers, accredited specialists and industry experts presenting on a wide range of mandatory categories: Practice Management, Professional Skills, Australian Substantive Law Updates, Ethics and Professional Responsibility.

  • We create exclusive “best practice*” online legal and business training with experts by paying an ongoing shared revenue model.
  • Preview online training lectures for sole practitioners, mid to large firm employees, legal departments and Government.
  • Lectures include strategies to improve communication and wellbeing.
  • We provide our content via Google Worksheet with title, category, year published, learning outcomes, speaker bio via Vimeo link or mp4.
  • Content provided by Vimeo link include automated reporting.
  • Content via mp4 in Teams will involve either BI or self-reporting.
  • Access CPD for Me Studio upgrades to produce your bespoke content. 
  • We can provide lectures ‘white labelled’ with Australian or #SAKT student beat. 
  • Sponsor Aussie kids today by the purchase of 100 units.

Many of our topics are practical and relevant for professional development for mid to large firm employees, with 86% of lawyers rating 4 stars+ including:

We value the time it has taken our presenters to become experts and the dedication it takes to create amazing one-hour webinars sponsoring Aussie kids today.  We also offer our presenters the respect and courtesy of monthly attendee reporting with a shared revenue model of $5 for each of their lectures viewed.



If an expert advises content is no longer relevant they have the right to withdraw their lecture with 30 days’ notice.



#SAKT Y9-12 remote legal studies and MidCoast  Digital work experience  program

Since 2017, our content is created Sponsoring Aussie Kids Today with certain tasks completed by participating schools and students  in #SAKT, a remote Y9-12 business and legal studies and MidCoast Digital Work Experience and Placement Program.


Our aim is to delight you with our exclusive learning content and studio services. 

Speak at CPD-LIVE sponsoring Aussie kids today in #SAKT

Premium CPD

Tailored 90 day learning and business development plans 

WINNER Best Corporate e-Learning Digital Studio 2023

Play Video about Bronwyn Pott - CPD for Me CPD-LIVE Host

Bronwyn Pott

Content curator, CPD-LIVE host and law firm strategic solutions

Listen to why Steve Mark AM speaks at CPD for Me

Dr Michelle Sharpe, Barrister Three Words to describe Paula, founder and publisher CPD for Me

Play Video about CPD for Me SAKT Youth Work Experience Program

#SAKT 2020 listen to #SAKT youth plea for barristers and lawyers to CPD for Me and sponsor Aussie kids today. Let’s learn together! Music by Nick Robinson, Taree High participant & former student and aspiring local rap artists, Jimmy Corben)

#SAKT 2020 - 2022 "AUSTRALIAN" with lyrics, Ian Sandercoe3

CPD for Me Music “Australian” instrumental written by Ian Sandercoe (Singer/Songwriter) 

Mentor #SAKT2020-2021

CPD for Me content 2020 - 2023 features "AUSTRALIAN" Instrumental:

What they say about us

Since 2017 through to 2021 Go1 has recognised "CPD-LIVE is the must attend event for busy professionals", CPD for Me is "best online CPD courses for the legal industry" and "simplifying mandatory CPD compliance". CPD for Me content featured in UNSW Edge Go1 portal and recognises CPD for Me as "best practice in the supervision of junior lawyers".

As at 1st July 2021, CPD for Me is no longer distributed by Go1 and while there is no commercial agreement have reverted to offering exclusive lawyer learning, now tailored and direct sponsoring Aussie kids today.
CPD for Me distributor 2016 until 30 June 2021
"We engaged Paula to help with our firm CPD and staff training. Energetic, professional and offering a perspective that is otherwise not available in the legal space. Great product, great service. We will be continuing the chat. Thanks Paula"
Dennis Danaher
Dennis Danaher
Director at Danaher Moulton
"Excellent opportunity for the smaller firm and sole practitioner to learn how to shape their business plan, successfully handle the bottom line and benefit from the changing legal environment."
Warrick McLean, Coleman Greig, Parramatta
Warrick McLean
CEO Coleman Greig, Parramatta
"As a lawyer in a busy practice, finding the time to undertake continuing legal development was a challenge. This all changed about five years ago, when I found CPDforMe Online. Initially, I was attracted by its convenience. Over the years, I have come to take advantage of so much more. From our first contact, Paula’s main concern, as founder of CPDforMe, was to ensure I gained the most from the online seminars. This year, I had the honour of being invited to be a presenter for CPDforMe Online. Knowing Paula's professionalism and the quality of other CPDforMe presenters, I had no hesitation accepting her offer. Over the years, cannot tell you how many key insights and take-homes I've received from CPDforMe, which has helped grow my practice, even in trying times. Highly recommend CPDforMe, for any lawyer, accountant or professional advisor looking to stay up-to-date with the law, meet their professional obligations and gain practical insights to grow their professional business."
William Attoh
William Attoh
Principal Director - Legal Made Easy
"CPD for Me gives you the opportunity to understand how the best performers do it and what actions you need to take to emulate their success."
Sam Coupland
Director -FMRC
"We have recently obtained a subscription for CPD For Me and have found it to be a very cost-effective and easy way to obtain CPD points, including the mandatory subjects. I would recommend it for any small practice."
Craig Pryor – Head of Commercial Law & Estate Planning at Bell Partners
Craig Pryor
Head of Commercial Law & Estate Planning at Bell Partners
"Paula was great to deal with and the site was easy to use with relevant and interesting content at great value."
Sarah Wainwright
Senior Associate and Accredited Family Law Specialist at Lander & Rogers
"I came across Paula about four or five years ago, really, when I was just starting, because I couldn't find anywhere else who puts everything together for me in one go. If it did, it would have been a two day practice, out of the country, doing a whole heap of seminars over two days, one night, and that would cost anywhere between $1,500 to $2,000. With Paula, I was able to pretty much do everything that I needed in one system. What it allowed me to do was have all my CPDs done within the week. It was a godsend, because for me as a sole practitioner, I wasn't able to spread things out. I wasn't able to attend things in person, and being able to do live webinar was one thing that allowed me to do everything that I wanted to do when I wanted to do it. The material that was provided was great. I get to choose from a wide range. Especially for my profession, I don't want to deal with things that doesn't help me to achieve my goal."
Son Nguyen
Head of Commercial Law & Estate Planning at Bell Partners
"After I retired as full time Judge, I now provide pro bono legal advice to charities and other not for profit organisations and need to get CPD points. This year I went with CPD For Me. I have learnt a lot from these excellent presentations and found it to be a convenient and efficient way of satisfying my CPD requirements."
Frank Marks
Mediator and Arbitrator
"I have been using Paula for years for my CPD points. I am impressed with the speakers and contents of the lectures. Paula will always contact you if you need any help. Even out of office hours. I cannot recommend her enough. "
Kathleen Berck
Principal at Berck Solicitors Brisbane
"You have been so helpful and have gone above and beyond any reasonable expectations. I am looking forward to attending your seminars in the future"
Caroline Powers, C Power Lawyers
Caroline Powers
C Power Lawyers
"These seminars are designed to assist small legal practices grow. The advice is practical and easy to implement. Since attending the seminars we have refocused our practice. Great results, experts and good value!"
Alan Johnston, Whitelaw McDonald
Alan Johnston
Practice Manager Whitelaw McDonald