Tell us what you want

Every business is different & we understand that some of you already know exactly what you want.

CPD for Me offer the following corporate solutions:

  1. 160 hours content (85% exclusive CPD content)
  2. access to content from over 100 leading experts
  3. tailored CPD programs for your organisation
  4. bespoke webinars (ability to record and produce for your in-house library)
  5. customised CPD online interactive course
  6. online event with marketplace
  7. film (on location) & production services
  8. create staff “How To’s” Training to onboarding, onshoring and offshoring
  9. corporate video and social media solutions
  10. LogCPD – free access to record CPD activities from any provide for up to 5 years (be audit ready) our In-House Video & Production Company Year supports Year 10 to 12 #workskills program (regional NSW). Join us, & let’s support our youth too #SOYT

Paula Gilmour business development corporate solutions:

  1. marketing guru 12 week program (PA’s, VA’s & marketing assistants)
  2. senior associate business development program
  3. partner business development program
  4. 90 day action plan series

We provide CPD premium content online via subscription and/or monthly billing on the following platforms:

  • (free account – individual or firm)
  • Your LMS (Mp4, .doc & pdf)
  • Your intranet – (Mp4, .doc & pdf)
  • (Go1 learning management solution & we provide content)

To discuss your requirements, please provide a project brief.