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CPD for Me offers the following corporate solutions:

  • host firm online events
  • video (on location) & production services
  • tailored CPD programs & webinars
  • create bespoke online content
  • develop your learning management portal (LMS)

We publish online CPD content on:

  • Your intranet or LMS & tailor with 160+ hours (85% exclusive) on-demand content 2013-2018  & requires monthly usage reporting & payment;
  • (ideal for individual and smaller firms subscription with single sign-on); or
  • (our learning management portal)

Paula Gilmour tailored online 90-day Action Plan programs:

  1. 90-day firm action BD plan
  2. 90-day partner action BD plan
  3. 90-day individual fee earner action BD plan
  4. 90-day Social Media Campaign – is our In-House Online Events, eLearning, Social Media, Video & Production Services Company

We proudly support #SAKT 2019 Year 10 to 12 #workskills program (regional NSW).  Join us, & let’s support our talented youth too

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