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100 CPD for Me eLearning Subscription

$4,400.00 $4,400.00 for 1 year

100 on-demand CPD for Me Units (expires 12 Month)
  1. Preview over 150 hours of exclusive law firm management, staff and mandatory lawyer CPD with leading experts and relevant handouts;
  2. Tailor your library to suit your firm on a CPD for Me single sign account
  3. Includes LogCPD which keeps a firm central record of staff CPD activities from any provider, completed CPD for Me units by lawyer CPD period, tallies, saves, download, print and sign CPD compliance statement; and
  4. Staff can choose to watch relevant interactive on-demand CPD, download handout, take files notes and join ongoing Q&A, 24/7 on any device.

Click here to view the simple steps for staff to learn and LogCPD with ease.


*Since March 2023, every 100 units purchased, another Australian student will be sponsored to participate in >> #SAKT Y9-12 remote legal and business studies work placement and digital work experience program

Learning empowers our next generation of leaders. All we need to get you started is a generic email address to tailor your CPD for Me Firm Single Sign  (24 hour turnaround):

  1. Purchase 100 CPD on-demand units (EOFY SALE only $2000 + GST) via stripe or our preferred please tick direct deposit.
  2. Provides access to your staff on-demand CPD for $20 a unit, CPD-LIVE webinars for $50 a unit and/or Remote Lunch and Learn $50 per person (minimum 10 people) or Tailored Onsite Lunch and Learn POA
  3. Usage calculated based on CPD for Me on-demand, webinar and lunch and learn usage up to the value of product purchase.
  4. To top up, simply purchase another 100 units* Schedule a call with Paula Gilmour to discuss your individual requirements and onboarding process
    * CPD for Me is no longer registered as a QA provider in Western Australia however will apply again if high volume interest

We value the time it has taken our presenters to become experts and the dedication it takes to create amazing one-hour webinars sponsoring Aussie kids today.  We also offer our presenters the respect and courtesy of monthly attendee reporting with a shared revenue model of $5 for each of their lectures viewed.

  • NB: If an expert advises content is no longer relevant, with all respect they have the right to withdraw their lecture with 30 days’ notice.


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