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Peter Godkin

Barrister, Clarence Chambers


Peter Godkin is an experienced secondary school teacher and university lecturer who offers substantial life and professional experience combined with a passion for people giving him unique skills to partner with legal professionals in understanding and achieving the fairest, most appropriate and rewarding client outcomes. He is skilled at partnering with clients by supporting, teaching and leading them as they negotiate a legal terrain that is often extraordinarily stressful and foreign to them.


Peters primary interests are in Equity, Property, Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) and Criminal Law.


A strong proponent and educator in the principles of law complement advanced communication skills enshrined with the highest ethical standards. A passionate and persuasive advocate who values the process of law equally with the people involved in the process.


Available for instruction through floor clerk, Louise Farraro phone 02 9336 5399.


Summary of Session

This session will focus on civil litigation procedure, focusing on evidence gathering. The topics covered will include:

  • Subpoenas
    • What to include
    • What not to include
    • How to oppose
  • Interrogatories
    • Purpose and function
  • Notices to admit
    • How to make them work for you with respect to future costs orders
  • Notices to produce
    • When to use notice to produce rather than a subpoena

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