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30/3/24 8:30pm to 9:30pm 3 Law Firm Owner Secrets to Supercharge Your Profits

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30/3/24 8:30pm to 9:30pm 3 Law Firm Owner Secrets to Supercharge Your Profits


This 2024 LIVE Webinar will cover the following learning outcomes:

As a law firm owner, partner or manager it can be very challenging if not at time impossible to hit your billing targets while managing everyone that reports to you.
This is because at no stage in the schooling, while being an associate and even partner have law firm managers been taught how to profitably delegate their workload.
This means that most end up building a law firm that relied on them to keep doing billing work.
The impact of this is that they then not only become the bottled neck in the profitability of their firm but their bottle neck in their own success.
Eventually, most law firm owners and managers end up exhausted and wanting a way out but seeing they have to continue working at exhausting levels until the day they physically no longer can or they find themselves amidst a merger or acquisition and on a long, slow, tiring earn-out scheme that doesn’t enable them to cash in on their lives work.
In this webinar, Dan will cover the 3 Secrets to supercharge your profits while reducing your workload.
You will learn how to:
  • Increase your associate’s billable hours without having to micromanage.
  • Manage people with strategies that have a 100% success rate in growing profits.
  • Build a team that works hard to ensure your firm’s success.
  • Reduce your heavy workload and gain time for the work you enjoy.
  • Increase your profits while reducing the hours you need to work.
At the end, Dan will lead a Q&A session so you can gain the insights you need to ensure you gain implementable value to accelerate your success as a law firm owner, partner or manager.

To find out more about working with Dan or to join his Law Firm Owners club that’s free go to: www.danwarburton.com

Or send him a message on Linkedin to find out more here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/authordanwarburton/

1 CPD unit/point Practice Management or Professional Skills

About your speaker, Dan Warburton:

Dan Warburton specialises in enabling law firm owners to dramatically increase their profits while reducing their workload and, he has an extraordinary track record for doing so.

From working with Dan, one of his US clients, a law firm partner took his firm from being valued at $3.5 million to over $8.5 million dollars in less than 12 months. A UK client of his increased her firm’s revenue by over 400% in 6 months and another went from billing under £14K to over £80K per month in less than a year. These are just a snapshot of the results his clients achieve but not only this; they all gained something else in common, they each became able to work less than half the hours per week than they did before and transform their lifestyles by gaining lots of free time to focus on what really matters to them whether this be more business development or time with their family.

Warburton does this by showing his clients how to profitably delegate away their workload and empower their teams to handle larger volumes of work than they ever did before. This then enables the law firm partners to transition from being technicians in their business to someone who predominantly owns their business and create time to solve all the inefficiencies in their businesses that previously they had to neglect due to heavy workloads.

Dan is now a highly sought-after law firm growth consultant who has been invited to speak in small board room meetings and to audiences of over 4000 attendees around the world including Singapore, Malaysia, India, Vietnam, the USA and the UK.

Over the last 15 years, Dan has worked closely with over 1000 ambitious individuals and his website now has over 80 testimonials from clients saying they achieved extraordinary results.

If you are a law firm partner or owner and are not taking home the profits you know you deserve while still working long, heavy hours then any chance to hear Dan speak will be very valuable to you.

To find out more about working with Dan or to join his Law Firm Owners club that’s free go to: www.danwarburton.com

send him a message on Linkedin to find out more here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/authordanwarburton/


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