Navigating Difficult Issues with Peers, Staff and Clients (2020) Update

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– Navigating Difficult Issues with Peers, Staff and Client 2020 update Available Soon!

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Join Andrew for 2020 update available 24/7 on any device on the negotiation conflict resolution and communication skills vital to help professionals work through difficult conversations that arise in working relationships and with clients and suppliers. Participants will learn some of the psychology of conflict, how to plan for and respond to negative reactions and emotions along with ways to keep the discussion on track and steer it toward workable options and firm commitments. This webinar will be helpful to anyone who might be avoiding a difficult conversation at work due to a lack of confidence, who is frustrated by the lack of follow through on prior agreements or who has to manage dissatisfied clients or personality clashes in the workplace.

Product Description

Join Andrew for an update of his popular and still ranked in our TOP 10 in 2020!

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Impacts of COVID-19
  • Reflect on their own needs, interests and feelings in a key relationship or situation and set conversation goals or action plans with timelines
  • Apply some opening up strategies to create the time and opportunity for constructive conversations and to set the scene and open the dialogue positively.
  • Steer a conversation toward an objective and rational stance while at the same time remaining empathetic, responsive and engaged with the perspectives of others
  • Manage difficult moments and behaviours more effectively by having some constructive techniques to redirect, neutralise


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About your Speaker

Dr Andrew Heys is the MBA Director at the Macquarie Graduate School of Management (MGSM), Macquarie University. The MGSM full-time MBA is Australia’s highest ranked MBA program according to the Financial Times (FT) 2015 survey and is currently ranked no.56 worldwide on the FT top 100. MGSM is an AACSB accredited business school. As MBA Director, Dr Heys oversees all program related activities and plays a leading role in the operations of MGSM. Dr Heys received his PhD in management from Macquarie University in 2013, he also holds a Masters in International Studies (Hons1) from the University of Sydney and Bachelors degree in Politics from Macquarie University.

Dr Heys adopts a practical and applied approach to his teaching and research, he has been deeply engaged with industry throughout his career at MGSM and has led several key initiatives to bring the School and its students into closer contact with industry. Dr Heys chairs a number of important policy and oversight committees and plays a pivotal role in curriculum development, He directs academic compliance projects and mentors new academic teachers and adjuncts. Dr Heys is passionate about increasing the connectivity and employability of MGSM graduates.

Dr Heys conducts applied mixed methods research into the links between management and performance with a current emphasis on professional services firms. He currently supervises two doctoral students and is a member of the MGSM Research Ethics Committee.

As the founder of Heys and Associates, Dr Heys has consulted to industry across the Asia-Pacific for 15 years.Current and past clients have included several Fortune 500 multinationals for whom he has led critical engagements across the Asia-Pacific – he has also worked with wide array of Australian blue chip companies and top tier professional services firms. A master facilitator, Dr Heys provides professional development workshops, strategic facilitation, tactical advice and coaching.

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